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With nearly 40 years of combined experience in matrimonial and family law, Tabak & Kiosse, LLP are uniquely positioned to offer sound advice and unparalleled representation for individuals facing the dissolution of their marriage. Divorce is typically challenging on many levels so managing the details is vital to a positive outcome.  It is essential to consider all of the potential issues that may affect your divorce which can often include legal, financial, practical and emotional aspects.

For the advice of a divorce lawyer who can help you rise to the challenges that divorce might present in your situation, contact us to set up an initial consultation.

Providing a Sense of Perspective and Understanding of the Issues

Navigating a divorce can be complicated and confusing. We are dedicated to assisting you in understanding the situation and working for a solution that is fair and consistent with your rights across the full spectrum of divorce issues – property division, spousal maintenance, custody, and so on.

One of our primary goals is protecting clients from unnecessarily spending resources litigating trivial issues and counseling on what matters most. One of our primary objectives is providing you with clear and appropriate perspective on the issues you will face throughout your divorce. To meet this objective, we are devoted to keeping you focused on your long-term objectives for yourself and your family.

At Tabak & Kiosse, LLP, we will help you define your goals with a complete understanding of your rights and responsibilities. Additionally, we will explore and explain all of your options throughout the process of ending your marriage.

Other Options – Legal Separation, Uncontested Divorce, and Mediation

In some cases there are good reasons to stay legally married but live separately on negotiated terms. Legal separation under New York law can be a desirable result, on the assumption that the spouses can agree on primary issues of child custody and support, parenting time, division of property and debts, and spousal maintenance. If any issues are non-negotiable, the legal separation action can be shifted into a divorce action.

If this path is taken it should be noted that involved parties are still legally married and they are not permitted to remarry.

When spouses separate in New York, they enter into a Separation Agreement. This agreement is a contract between them that dictates spousal support, child custody, visitation rights, and a division of the marital property. If necessary, the agreement can be enforced by courts if compliance becomes an issue.  In many cases, it is included in the divorce judgment if divorce action is taken.

Another pathway to the dissolution of a marriage is an uncontested divorce. This route can save you substantial time and expense when seeking to end a marriage. Like separation, issues must be resolved for an uncontested divorce to be accepted by the court. Our office can provide you with information and advise on the legal formalities, but more importantly, we can assist in ensuring your proposed agreements meet your objectives and represent the best interests of your children.

Tabak & Kiosse, LLP also offers our clients the option of mediation. In this scenario, involved parties are dedicated to ending their marriage in a non-adversarial way. This process allows amicable individuals to discuss issues and come to mutual agreement in an environment that less antagonistic, and in many cases for more cost effective.

Our Pledge to Our Clients

Again, our goal is to inform and advise you on all of all of your options and work to ensure that you achieve your goals to the highest degree possible. We do this with the intention of getting an agreement in place in the most efficient and cost effective way. If necessary, we will litigate contested issues, however, our clients   Much of a divorce attorney’s work involves advice about the best ways to protect your interests while making it unnecessary to take your case to court. While we have no problem with taking any contested issue to trial, our clients can be certain that we will work to save them the stress and expense of litigating if it can be avoided.

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