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TK Law Testimonial #1

After working with a divorce firm specializing in "Father's Rights" marketing and falling victim to an overly complicated and cumbersome work process, I hired Tabak & Kiosse, LLP to step in as legal representation for my divorce case. Tabak & Kiosse were able to help me understand what elements of the divorce were most important; they helped me develop and prioritize strategies, and fought hard for a resolution for me, my two children, and my ex-wife.

Anonymous Male

TK Law Testimonial #2

I worked closely with Margaret Tabak through my divorce. Margaret was professional, knowledgeable, she moved things along promptly, and she was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her.

M.M., Male, Age 55

TK Law Testimonial #3

Maggie and Leyla were ready to help me with a very difficult divorce situation involving a custody disagreement. Leyla went through my case very thoroughly. Divorce is a tough journey and no one wins. We all lose something, but in the end, I got what I wanted the most. Leyla made it possible for me. I truly recommend Maggie and Leyla as they will defend your case like gladiators.

S.N., Female

TK Law Testimonial #4

I found Margaret Tabak through a friend. She listens, cares, and most importantly provides professional legal guidance that solves problems and makes sense for me and my family.

K.M., Male, Age 43

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